Gree Shines in 2016 AHR Expo

The 2016 AHR Expo, the professional fair in refrigeration and air conditioning industry with the largest scale and the widest product range in the world, is held grandly in Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from Jan 25th to 27th. Gree’s Star products, Painting Era, Ultra-low Temperature heating unit, etc., are on show dazzlingly, representing its core technologies and interpreting the meaning of “Made in China, Loved by the World”.

Since Painting Era (an oil painting air conditioner) is firstly published with tremendous focus in Gree’s new product launch day in Sep 2015, it has been a hot topic both in the industry and the market. This time in the 2016 AHR Expo, it appears again as a star product; definitely a lot of visitors are attracted by it. Painting Era, integrates oil painting with air conditioner perfectly, plus artistic appearance and slim body, is an audacious and amazing innovation. It fully meets people’s current demand, that is, they are inclined to changes and delicate life quality that science and technology can bring, rather than the basic air conditioning functions.

Ultra-low temperature VRF, another star product of Gree, also enjoys great popularity. Heating capacity under -20℃ and -30℃ meet 100% and 80% respectively of the nominal standard. With smart and energy-conservation control on temperature&humidity and two-stage compressor, which is comfortable and healthy, power saving rate is more than 30%, and its heating capacity is extremely strong.

Besides, other products such as High Efficiency Split Type, Photovoltaic VRF, Inverter Roof, U-match, “Shark” Recreational Air Conditioner, Window Unit, PTAC, Dehumidifier, Portable Unit, industrial products, etc., are exhibited, presenting Gree’s complete product line and strong comprehensive strength.