Team Building in Serbian Market

Under the guideline of “Marketing, Branding and Building Channels”, Serbian merchandisers and Gree agents are making collective efforts for the development of independent brand and innovation of marketing pattern. Recently, Serbian market successfully held the KGH Exhibition and completed building a brand new Gree flagship exhibition room in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

As the largest and most widely affected professional refrigeration exhibition in Yugoslavia and Balkan region, KGH Exhibition in Serbia is held annually.

ENERGY NET, Gree Serbian agent, won the qualification of main sponsor for the exhibition for two consecutive years with the best booth which covers an area of 120㎡.

With the theme of “Made in China, Loved by the world”, the newly-launched advanced products such as “Painting Era”, “U-Crown Ⅱ”and “I-Crown Ⅱ”were showcased. With unique design and high-end function, Gree booth attracted many visitors who thought highly of the products.

Besides, a new exhibition room in Belgrade is completed building with an area of 230㎡, including product display area, resting area, meeting room and training area.