Gree Philippine Agent and Dealers Group Visited Gree

From January 26 to 28, 2016, Gree Philippine agent Filipino Climate Solution Inc (FCSI) President Carlo and dealers group visited Gree HQ and investigated Chinese air conditioning market.

At present, commercial air conditioning market in Philippine is mainly dominated by American or Japanese brands. However, along with the rapid development of Philippine economy and the affection of Chinese business in local market, Gree commercial air conditioners are gradually recognized by many projects in Philippine, such as Ombudsman government building, Starbucks coffee shop, Toyota 4S shop, and so on.

Most of the visiting members are local senior commercial air conditioning experts who are deeply affected by American culture. They are accustomed to American air conditioning brand and have no confidence in Gree brand before. However, after two days’ investigation, experts indicate that their impression on “Made in China” has been changed completely.

During the visiting period, the delegation group visited Gree sales company and exclusive store in Zhuhai, and got much knowledge on Gree operation system in domestic market and the successful sales experience as well.

On the second day, the dealers visited Gree showroom, laboratory, precision production workshop and photovoltaic centrifugal chiller project. Most of the dealers expressed that they were shocked by Gree grand scale, R&D strength, high-efficiency production and quality control. They are especially interested in photovoltaic centrifugal chiller and VRF products, because there’s not enough electricity and the electricity power is very expensive in Philippine.

On the seminar meeting, Assistant General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company Geng Wanglong showed his greetings to all visitors. What’s more, he wishes the dealers can be impressed by Gree brand and “Made in China” after this visit. He believed that Gree will get more success under the support of agent and dealers.

Mr. Carlo expressed that he has cooperated with Gree for 10 years and the cooperation in those years was very pleasant. Affected by Gree marketing mode in China, he established the new company FCSI (separate from Ugong group) for air conditioning business since 2016. He also expressed that although Gree brand affection is limited in Philippine market at present, Gree will become the famous international brand in Philippine in the near future. Made in China, Loved by the World.