Gree Asia Pacific Distributors Conference Grandly Held in Seoul

       On June 9, Gree Asia Pacific Distributors Conference was held grandly in Seoul. Gree and Tosot distributors from several countries in Asia Pacific region gathered in this great event to witness Gree’s development and share their opinions on “Made in China, Loved by the World”.

       Gree Chairperson and President Madam Dong made an impressive speech. She said she was very happy to meet Asia Pacific Distributors in Seoul and appreciated their hard work in promoting GREE brand and Gree products in overseas market. She emphasized that the key for going global was gaining consumers’ preference with quality and technology innovation.

        In recent years, Gree actively responds to the strategy of “Manufactured in China” and puts forward a new round of brand strategy and technology innovation strategy. Gree not only relies on products, but also relies on quality, technology innovation and technological quality to go global. In the future, Gree will energetically promote GREE, TOSOT and KINGHOME brands at the same time. Gree will develop more superior products in the fields of air conditioners, home appliances, intelligent equipment, mobile phones, new energy sources and so on. Meanwhile, Gree’s going global is not for temporary revenue, but for providing more favorable and high-quality products to local consumers. Win-win situation between Gree and overseas distributors is the cornerstone in this process.

       In this conference, the participating distributors made sales and marketing reports for the first three quarters of RY 2016, determined future development orientation and showed their confidence in promoting Gree products.

       The successful holding of Gree Asia Pacific Distributors Conference has not only promoted GREE and TOSOT brands, but also strengthened the determination of Gree overseas distributors for selling Chinese-made products and accelerated Gree’s paces of going global.