Gree Showroom Opens Grandly in Hanoi, Vietnam

On the morning of March 25, the first Gree Showroom in Vietnam, Thien Phu Showroom, opened grandly in Hanoi. Management from Gree Overseas Sales Company and also guests from other markets were present in this great event.

Thien Phu Showroom is located in the thriving business area of Hanoi. It has four floors. The first floor and the second floor are for the sales and display of Gree air conditioners. The third floor and the fourth floor are used for office and meeting room. Floor area of the first floor is about 40m2, mainly displaying the latest products, such as Painting Era, Crown series, Lomo series, and Cozy inverter series.

The opening of Thien Phu Showroom is just the starting of a new round of activities in Vietnam, focusing on “Made in China, Loved by the World”. Later, a succession of activities will be held, including new product launching ceremony, opening of Haiphong Showroom, the 2nd Asia Pacific Agents Seminar for RY2016. Thanks to the efforts of Gree Vietnam agent and the sales team in Gree Zhuhai Headquarters, Gree Vietnam has made remarkable achievements in market share, Gree brand building and other aspects. It is also the important reason for opening several showrooms in Vietnam. We believe that with the joint efforts of all Greers from both home and abroad, we can achieve our dream “Made in China, Loved by the World”.