First Gree 4S Image Exclusive Shop in Laos Opens in Vientiane

On Dec 29, 2014, the first Gree 4S image exclusive shop in Laos opened grandly at T2 Road, Vientiane, Laos.

 The First Gree 4S Image Exclusive Shop in Laos Opens in Vientiane

This exclusive shop is at the central area of Vientiane, with the area of 128m2. The decoration design of the shop is guided by Gree Overseas Sales Company and the decoration is conducted by Gree agent KHMPHONE AIR CONDITION CO., LTD in Laos. Decoration style is consisting with Gree exclusive shops in China. This shop displayed the complete product line sold in Laos, including RAC, CAC, refrigerant and home appliances. The new exclusive shop, fashionable products and the promotion activities showed the complete product line, technology strength and powerful brand image of Gree.

Gree has been introduced into Laos market since 2009. After 5-year development, Gree is developed steadily and rapidly in Laos. At present, the RAC market share of Gree is up to 30%. The CAC projects cover every corner of Laos. Chairman House of Laos,Lao Telecom,Electricite Du Laos,Hall of AsiaEurope Summit,Vientiane Wattay Int’l Airport and Laos Satellite Ground Station all adopt Gree GMV, centrifugal chiller, close control air conditioner and so on.