Gree Sparks in the 23rd HVACR Exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan

The much-anticipated HVACR Exhibition is grandly held in Karachi International Conference Center, Pakistan, from Mar 3th to 5th. As the largest city in Pakistan, Karachi has a population of 30 million.

Gree’s booth, the biggest one among all exhibitors, covers an area of 225㎡.

Products on show include residential and commercial ones. Among which, the globally initiated and world-leading photovoltaic commercial air conditioner enhances the utilization rate of photovoltaic electrical energy by utilizing photovoltaic electric energy and direct-driven air conditioning system. For residential air conditioners, the industry-leading CROWN series, which realize ultra-low cooling and heating under -30~45℃, is also exhibited; Diversified assembly of wall-mounted type and floor standing type provides the customer with high-end and comfortable experience. Moreover, the artistic air conditioner, Painting Era, with progressive technologies of wind-free and 3D air supply, realizes a perfect combination between life and art.

With advanced energy saving and environmental protection technologies, Gree makes “Made in China” loved by the world.