Gree VRF Products Get American AHRI Certificate

In December, 2014, Gree VRF products get American AHRI certificate and Gree VRF products can be sold to America and Canada. It indicates the outstanding performance of Gree VRF products are accepted and highly recognized by North American market.

Through many years’ development and research, Gree has upgraded the VRF products with self-developed intellectual property rights into the fifth-generation——GMV5 all DC inverter VRF. Thanks to its advanced all DC inverter technology, optimized air-conditioning system design and precision intelligent control technology, Gree GMV5 is more high efficient and energy-saving than overseas brand products, with IPLV up to 6.8.

In 2014, Gree first-created photovoltaic DC inverter VRF led global VRF products into the photovoltaic era, which had opened a new direction and path for this industry. Gree photovoltaic DC inverter VRF is a new product integrating photovoltaic technology, G10 inverter technology, 2-stage enthalpy-adding compressor technology, parallel compressor technology, interconnected power generation technology and power management technology, which features high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and easy installation.

As the global leading professional air conditioner enterprise, Gree has ever won the biddings for many international projects thanks to its self-developed core technologies of VRF, including the Media Center of Beijing Olympic Games, Main Stadium and Offices of “FIFA World Cup” in South Africa and other global famous large projects.

AHRI(The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) has made out hundreds of test standards for American refrigeration industry. AHRI is a kind of energy efficiency certificate system for HVAC industry in North America, which is with authorization effect in North America. The VRF products with AHRI certificate will be recognized by America DOE directly.

In fact, Gree VRF products have already entered into American market. The getting of AHRI certificate is a kind of formalized ratification for Gree VRF products in American market.