Product Launch and Social Meeting of Gree Taiwan Distributors Grandly Held in Taipei

In the afternoon of January 19, 2016, a product launch and a social meeting of Gree Taiwan distributors were held in Taipei, attended by nearly 300 distributors.

Organized by the holding company, YaKuang Co, Ltd, this product launch and social meeting of distributors were held especially for Gree. Mr Liao Quanping, Chairman of Gree Taiwan and President of Taipei Association of Electric Appliances, Mr Wu Xingzhi, General Manager of Gree Taiwan, Mr Chen Tiangui, Vice General Manager of Gree Taiwan, Mr Zhang Zhenghu, General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company and Ms Yu Hua, Asia-Pacific Vice General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company took part in this event.

President Liao and General Manager Mr Wu co-hosted this event. They expressed their confidence in Gree brand and their commitment to Gree. They promised that Gree brand sales would be still based on traditional channel instead of price war or store channel. Thanks to the technological advantage and quality advantage of Gree Headquarters, Gree Taiwan will continue to provide high quality products in order to bring benefits to every Gree distributor. President Liao also invited an expert with more than 30 years of air conditioning experience and 15 years of experience in managing air conditioner exclusive shops to share his knowledge and skills as how to seize opportunities under the challenge of the fast growing electric business.

During the meeting, General Manager Mr Zhang introduced the development of Gree automation and patented technology, illustrated Gree's advantages comparing to other brands. Then he announced Gree's new slogan "Gree, Made in China, Loved by the World", showing the determination of Gree brand expansion in Taiwan. In the end, he expressed gratitude to everyone for their hard work and effort on behalf of President Dong Mingzhu, and wished everyone well in the New Year.

Vice General Manager Mr Chen and Director Wang, on the other hand, offered training on new RAC and CAC products. Following the training was the flash sales, which brought the event to a climax. 1,000 sets of air conditioners were purchased in a flash. Afterwards, a warm and enthusiastic social meeting was held for everyone to share happiness and exchange good wishes.

This event elaborately showcased over 10 categories of air conditioners and home appliances, accompanied by a variety of activities to live up the atmosphere, such as sales incentives, new product introduction and a professional training. What’s more, it is the first time that the video of Gree automation was presented to Gree Taiwan distributors. They were full of praise for Gree’s strong technology power, strict quality control and advanced management concept.

In recent years, Gree is making more and more investment in Taiwan market, focusing on sales business and exploring deep into the market. Since December 2015, Gree Taiwan has successfully held 15 times of product launch. This is the last product launch of this refrigeration year. This year’s product launch was taken earlier than before, which is for the purpose of immediate deployment so as to grab a head start. We believe Gree brand will bring us more surprise in Taiwan market in the New Year.