First Gree Macau Exclusive Shop Opens Grandly

On Jan 15, 2016, the first Gree Macau exclusive shop opened grandly in Dragon Garden, Macau, being another new member in the process of Gree’s overseas independent brand construction.

Having been prepared for almost two months, the exclusive shop is opened sharp at 10 a.m. on Jan 15. Wang Jinhua and Yang Bo, GM of Gree Macau, Eric Zhang, Vice GM of Gree Overseas Sales Company, Yu Hua and Xu Yong, Vice GM of Asia-Pacific region, and Wu Yifei, Chief Representative of Macau Market, jointly attended the unveiling ceremony. Eric Zhang presented a gift to Mr. Wang Jinhua on behalf of Gree HQ and hoped for a brilliant future for Gree Macau. Afterwards, opening ceremony with Macau traditional characteristic was arranged. The brand new design, thoughtful decoration, luxuriant products and professional introduction won high recognition of customers and distributors on the spot.  

It is reported that the exclusive shop in Macau Dragon Garden is invested with an asset of over HKD 20 million. This is an important achievement for Gree Macau since its attempt on exclusive shop building in 2014. There are over 20 distributors attending the ceremony, and they all approved the exclusive shop mode. Moreover, several distributors expressed their eagerness to further expand brand influence and awareness through exclusive shop mode.

Since RY 2016, Gree is active in Asia-Pacific market independent brand construction. As the opening of Macau exclusive shop, the number of exclusive shops for Gree in Asia-Pacific market has surpassed 30, channel expanding and brand promotion is penetrating constantly, independent brand construction is getting better and better, future development of Gree Asia-Pacific market is worth expecting!