Gree Attends China-Africa Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition

On December 4, the summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the China-Africa Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition opened grandly in Johannesburg, South Africa. Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the summit and the exhibition.

The exhibition lasted for three days. It is the first time for China and Africa to hold large equipment exhibition in Africa. As one of the two Chinese home appliances brands attending the exhibition, Gree shows the new image of “Made in China”.  

According to Bloomberg LOL菠菜竞猜app, South African President Zuma announced that China and South African had signed 26 commercial agreements with a total value of 94 billion Rand (approx. 41.8 billion RMB). Zuma also mentioned that China-Africa relations had today reached a stage of growth unmatched in history and China had been South Africa’s biggest trade partner for seven consecutive years. Gree also possesses an indissoluble bond with South Africa. Before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Gree had infiltrated the South Africa market. During the 2010 World Cup, Gree had won several air conditioner projects of large public buildings, which had launched the image of “Made in China” in South Africa.

This year is the 15th anniversary for the foundation of “China-Africa Cooperation Summit”. In order to promote China's equipment manufacturing industry to go global and the industrial capacity cooperation between China and Africa, as well as to implement China-Africa regional aviation initiative, China-Africa Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition was held during the summit. Only two home appliances enterprises were nominated to take part in the exhibition and Gree was given the biggest booth area and the best location. This not only shows Gree’s powerful strength in Chinese home appliances industry, but also shows the government’s trust on Gree.

In this exhibition, Gree showcased its cutting-edge products by real product display or video playing, involving Painting Era series, Rose series, U series, solar air conditioners, air source heat pump water heater, permanent magnet synchronous inverter centrifugal chiller, magnetic suspension centrifugal compressor, rare earth-free inverter compressor, two-stage inverter compressor, 1Hz compressor and intelligent equipment. Nowadays, Gree products are highly recognized in South Africa for its high quality and independent innovation. Gree will still insist on technological innovation to make people all around the world love Chinese products.