Simple Guide To Download Fallout Shelter For Android

Many greetings Game lovers! I hope you have played this Fallout Shelter Computer version before. If not, there is nothing t worry. Now they have come up  with mini version of Fallout Shelter for Android smartphone users with Fallout shelter APP for ANDROID. I was wondering on a blog with full of Fallout Shelter information would definitely be grateful to gaming lovers & Fallout Shelter fanatics. This is why I’m here right before you with a dedicated blog to spend some wonderful time on Android devices.

Coming to the introduction of this game, BETHESDA one of the leading gaming company released this application for Both Android & iOS users recently. Within 7days from the release date, Game has collected more than 5 million dollars to the owners. Now, you can imagine the craze of this game from the demand itself.

fallout shelter android apkDownload Fallout Shelter For Android Free

Fallout Shelter Game is getting more popular with lot features & adventurous embedded while designing this game. I will talk about Fallout shelter game & how to start making vaults tips & tricks. Now, let’s take a quick look at the unique features and what makes Fallout shelter different from other games.

lead dwellers in vaults

Like we do in Minecraft game, here also we need to build vaults to make alive the dwellers. You will be the person who can control/lead all your dwellers and them work in your vaults. The funniest thing I like in this game is to attach two persons and make them give birth to dweller baby :) to populate dwellers.

If you want to download APK directly to your mobile – Click Here | Playstore link

Note: If you want further explanation to know the procedure of downloading APK file of any app available on the Play store is given below. [You can skip to Installation Procedure directly if you don’t need this info]

Step 1: Visit this location – [copy & paste in browser]

Step 2: Now, paste Play store URL of that particular application

creating apk download linkStep 3: In this demo, I will be using Play store link of Fallout shelter game. After that I will generate APK download link

generated download link Step 4: Download link is generated as shown in the above image [Green color link]

Step 5: Click on the green download link to get direct APK file of any Android applicaton

How To Install Fallout Shelter Android Free

After you downloaded the APK file, there will some security settings should be altered in order to Install the .APK file in Smartphones.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and check Allow sources other than Play store

Step 2: Now tap on the Fallout shelter Android app APK file from the downloaded location

Step 3: Follow instructions carefully and you will be able to install the application easily

What You should Do In this Game?

This game is all about making shelter for people who are suffering in a wasteland. You need to build safe home for dwellers. For that you need to lead them to generate power, handle water resources, food resources & also populating the dweller community.

You are the wizard in this game, Whatever you order will be done by dwellers. Based on the ability [SPECIAL] you will allocate tasks for people. You will find more exclusive tips & tricks of Fallout shelter game in this blog. keep visiting this blog for more updates and information on Fallout shelter game.

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